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Paul M. Hedeen is an award-winning professor and writer (poetry and fiction) and a Fulbright scholar.  His critical and creative writing has appeared in numerous magazines and journals including The North American ReviewConfrontation, Rosebud, Philosophy and Literature, and many others. 


In addition to his novel, The Knowledge Tree (Wide Water, 2013), he is the co-editor (with DG Myers) of Unrelenting Readers: the New Poet-critics (Story Line, 2004).  He has also authored two poetry collections: When I Think About Rain (Final Thursday Press, 2009) and Under a Night Sky, (Final Thursday Press, 2016).

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Discovering the Peoples of Michigan:
Ukrainians in Michigan

by Paul M. Hedeen and Maryna Hedeen

This history of Ukrainian immigrants in Michigan and their American descendants examines both the choices people made and the social forces that impelled their decisions to migrate and to make new homes in the state. 

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